MedCHI @ WomENcourage 2024

Mediterranean values through HCI research

Second International Workshop of the ACM-SIGCHI Mediterranean Committee (MedCHI), co-located with ACM womENcourage 2024, Madrid, Spain
June 27th 2024


The Mediterranean region stands at a crucial intersection of tradition and modernity, offering a fertile ground where the integration of rich cultural heritage and cutting-edge technological advancements invites exploration. A unique opportunity, therefore, arises to investigate how Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research can enrich and advocate for these intrinsic values in the digital age. This is the mission of the newly established Mediterranean CHI Committee (MedCHI), established in the Autumn of 2023 and promoted by ACM SIGCHI (the Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction). 

Organized by the MedCHI members, this workshop wants to discuss the pivotal role of HCI research in enhancing various aspects of life in the Mediterranean region, leveraging the fusion of modern technology and timeless Mediterranean culture. It wants to highlight the importance of studying, evaluating and promoting gender equality in the advancement of societal values and the development of inclusive technologies within the Mediterranean context. The workshop in particular focuses on highlighting the role of HCI research in promoting gender-inclusive computing practices and technologies, ensuring equitable participation and representation in the digital landscape of the Mediterranean region.


The workshop aims to bring together scholars, researchers, and practitioners to delve into the multifaceted relationship between digital technologies, Mediterranean values and gender equality through the lens of HCI. Relevant questions to be answered include:

  • How can HCI help define methodologies for understanding the gender digital divide in Mediterranean societies and designing technology that challenges traditional gender roles and stereotypes?
  • What are the ethical considerations and challenges in designing digital solutions that respect Mediterranean values and traditions and enhance gender equality?
  • How can HCI help serve the diverse populations of the Mediterranean region and promote inclusive digital solutions?
  • What innovative HCI applications can support sustainable economic development in Mediterranean countries?
  • How can digital technologies facilitate intercultural dialogue and understanding among Mediterranean communities?


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • HCI approaches for sustainable development in Mediterranean communities
  • Design of inclusive digital solutions for diverse Mediterranean populations
  • Ethical considerations in HCI research within the Mediterranean context
  • Evaluation of the impact of digital technologies on gender relations and equality in Mediterranean societies
  • User-centered design for technologies to challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes in the Mediterranean area
  • Digital education to enhance gender equality in the Mediterranean region
  • Digital storytelling and narrative approaches to promote Mediterranean values
  • Technologies for fostering intercultural dialogue and understanding in the Mediterranean region
  • Collaborative platforms for knowledge exchange and community engagement in the Mediterranean context
  • Digital interventions for addressing societal challenges in Mediterranean countries
  • Case studies of successful HCI interventions that have contributed to gender equality in Mediterranean countries.

HOW to participate

Participation must be considered as an opportunity discuss with other interested researchers and practitioners the themes outlined above. It will also allow participants to learn more about the ACM SIGCHI – MedCHI Committee and its activities.
Optionally, participants can delve further into the discourse by submitting a position paper of at most 2000 words through EasyChair (https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=medchiwomencourage20). These contributions will be a channel to share your personal reflections and experiences related to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), covering your purpose, inspirations, notable successes or failures, and an analysis of strengths and limitations within the field addressed by our workshop. The deadline for sending this optional contribution is June 14th 2024. 

All submitted contributions will be made accessible online and will serve as focal points around which the workshop’s discussions will be structured.  Then, to solicit discussion, a 3-minute presentation will be allocated to each submitted paper during the initial part of our workshop. This will be an opportunity to spotlight each one’s insights and foster a dynamic exchange of ideas among peers. 

The workshop participation is conditioned to the main conference registration. The deadline for early registration is May 31. Please, refer to the womENcourage registration page. 

We look forward to your active participation and valuable contributions to an insightful discussion. Feel free to reach out to us for further information.


The organizers are members of the newly established Mediterranean CHI Committee, promoted by ACM SIGCHI (Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction): 
  • George Caridakis (gcari@aegean.gr)
  • Joel Lanir (ylanir@is.haifa.ac.il)
  • Maristella Matera (maristella.matera@polimi.it)
  • Houda El Mimouni (helmimo@iu.edu)
  • Valentina Nisi (valentina.nisi@tecnico.ulisboa.pt)
  • Giuliana Vitiello (gvitiello@unisa.it)


Participants will be invited to send extended contributions to a special issue organized by the Mediterranean CHI Committee, to be published in the IxD&A journal in Winter 2024.

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