Inaugural Workshop of the ACM-SIGCHI Mediterranean Committee (MedCHI)
February 14th and 15th 2024 - Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

Workshop info

Politecnico di Milano

Room Beltrami, Building 5, Campus Leonardo Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32.
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We are excited to announce the first public gathering of the newly established ACM-SIGCHI Mediterranean Committee (MedCHI) coinciding with the SIGCHI Futures Summit. This workshop marks the beginning of MedCHI’s journey, an initiative promoted by ACM SIGCHI aiming to unite and inspire HCI professionals and enthusiasts across the Mediterranean.

Researchers and practitioners from the Mediterranean regions will meet and contribute to this seminal event, by discussing works and ideas that showcase unique research, projects, and initiatives in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). 

The contributions reflect the rich values of the Mediterranean region, including but not limited to Cultural Heritage, Culture, Food, Tourism, Engagements with local user communities. They also align with the broader theme of fostering collaboration across diverse communities to strengthen HCI research and practice in the Mediterranean., ranging from academic research to industry initiatives.

This event is not just a meeting point but a starting point for meaningful connections and collaborative endeavors in the Mediterranean HCI community. The participant’s contributions, represent the vibrancy and diversity of HCI work in the Mediterranean region, will collectively shape the future of HCI in the Mediterranean.



9:00 | Welcome and Introduction

9:15 | Paper presentations – Session 1

(7 minutes for presentation & 3 for questions)

Sarit Szpiro and Tova Hananel
“Augmenting a Teacher’s Speech as a Tool to Improve Academic Performance for Elementary School Students with and without ADHD”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

Pablo Cesar
“MediaScape XR”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

Paloma Diaz and Ignacio Aedo
“Ubiquitous, social and multisensory computing for, with and by the users”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

Ilaria Consoli, Claudio Mattutino and Cristina Gena
“A Robot Expressing Emotions. Through Gestures: Everyone Outside of Italy Would Understand this?”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

Joel Lanir, Alan J Wecker, Tal Tabshi, Tsafrir Goldberg and Tsvi Kuflik
“Using Technology in Cultural Heritage to Promote Social Cohesion”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

Markos Konstantakis, Despoina Tsiafaki, Natasa Michailidou, Akrivi Katifori and George Caridakis
“Technological Threads: Unveiling Greek Heritage through CAnTi, ARIA, and MyEleusis research projects”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

Paolo Buono, Miriana Calvano, Antonio Curci, Rosa Lanzilotti, Antonio Piccinno and Grazia Ragone
“Manifesto for Advancing Metrics in Assessing Trustworthiness, Safety, and Reliability in the Symbiotic Relationship between Humans and AI Systems”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

10:30 | Coffee break 

11:00 | Panel
“From local CHI Communities to Mediterranean synergies”. Maria Francesca Costabile, Paloma Diaz, Monica Divitini, Adriana Vivacqua 

12:30 | Lunch

14:00 | Paper presentations – Session 2

(7 minutes for presentation & 3 for questions)

Stefano Valtolina, Lorenzo Marcolli and Alberto Rizzi
“Flexible Strategy for Cultural Heritage Data Modelling, Integration and Analysis”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

Andrea Antonio Cantone, Francesca Perillo and Giuliana Vitiello
“The Use of Advanced Technologies in Enhancing Interaction with Cultural Heritage”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

Monica Divitini and Simone Mora
“Co-design in a Nordic-Mediterranean perspective”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

Salvatore Andolina, Maristella Matera, Diego Morra, Ludovica Piro and Emanuele Pucci
“Engaging users’ Communities to break down barriers: Insights from the Human-Centric Research at the HINT Lab”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

Roberto Ricci, Ludovica Piro and Emanuele Pucci
“Promoting digital inclusion through the Conversational Web”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

Luigi De Russis, Rosa Lanzilotti, Alessio Malizia, Maristella Matera, Anna Spagnolli, Lucio Davide Spano, Giuliana Vitiello and Massimo Zancanaro
“SIGCHI Italy: a 28-year tradition in crossing borders to spread HCI”

Download Paper | Download Presentation

15:00 | Co-design session 1

15:30 | coffee break 

16:00 |  Co-design session 2

16:30 | Recap, wrap-up & next Steps 


9:30 | MedCHI Committee meeting, open to the Workshop participants

12:00 | Poster session
presentation of posters to the participants of the SIGCHI Futures Summit.


  • George Caridakis (gcari@aegean.gr)
  • Joel Lanir (ylanir@is.haifa.ac.il)
  • Laura Makary (laurasmakary@gmail.com)
  • Maristella Matera (maristella.matera@polimi.it)
  • Houda El Mimouni (helmimo@iu.edu)
  • Valentina Nisi (valentina.nisi@tecnico.ulisboa.pt)
  • Giuliana Vitiello (gvitiello@unisa.it)


Selected and revised contributions will be considered for a special issue to be published in the IxD&A journal in Winter 2024.

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